• Of men and women

    13. September 2019 von

    When men have something you want, don’t fight for it like a man would. Make him willingly give it to you, like a woman would. Men are designed to protect themselves from predators. Men are designed to provide their nurturers.

  • Ode an die Olive

    26. September 2021 von

    Sunday morning, half past nine in Germany, I have just done my civic duty and been to the polls, and now have leisure to take part in my monthly blogger challenge. The theme this time is: Summerfruits Sonntagsmorgens, halb zehn in Deutschland, ich habe gerade meine Bürgerpflicht erfüllt und war wählen, und habe nun Muße,… Weiterlesen

  • D³ : Still fighting for freedom with my tunic

    16. September 2021 von

    I never thought that I would be sewing my outfit for so long. The skirt has been finished for a while and right now I’m sewing on the tunic. The rough cut is done and now it’s time for the braids. because the blouse is puckered at the top and I had planned to pucker… Weiterlesen

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