• Of men and women

    13. September 2019 by

    When men have something you want, don’t fight for it like a man would. Make him willingly give it to you, like a woman would. Men are designed to protect themselves from predators. Men are designed to provide their nurturers.

  • TGI Fry Day : Greek roasted Lamb w/ Potatoes (& Tomatoes)

    6. Dezember 2019 by

    Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Finally we entered the Christmas Season. Since I always prepared ’small‘ Greek dishes, it’s about time to show off my Feast-Cooking-skills. Let’s start with : Greek oven roasted Lamb Chops with Potatoes and Tomatoes. Ho ! Ho ! Ho! Die Weihnachtszeit hat begonnen und nachdem ich immer nur so… Weiterlesen

  • My Christmas manicure

    4. Dezember 2019 by

    A couple of week ago I wrote a post about my hand and nail routine. This years Christmas I wanted to make a slight change. When one of my favourite bloggers, Verena, posted a Christmas Nail Polish giveaway I knew what my manicure this year would be. Although I participated in said giveaway I wanted… Weiterlesen

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