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  • Of men and women

    13. September 2019 von

    When men have something you want, don’t fight for it like a man would. Make him willingly give it to you, like a woman would. Men are designed to protect themselves from predators. Men are designed to provide their nurturers.

  • Good bye 2022, it’s not me, it’s you !!

    7. November 2022 von

    It’s actually a bit early for a year in review, but I’m fed up with this year and hereby declare : 2022 is the second worst year of my life. On pretty much all levels. I had Covid, a broken foot and last but not least a severe inflammation of my intestines that almost put… Weiterlesen

  • Thank God It’s Fermentday

    30. September 2022 von

    After a long time, another post from me and after an even longer time, another cooking post – or rather, a fermentation post. I have been looking for ways to preserve food for some time. I’ve made jams, syrups and now I’m trying my hand at fermenting. My sister sent me a video showing how… Weiterlesen

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