• Of men and women

    13. September 2019 by

    When men have something you want, don’t fight for it like a man would. Make him willingly give it to you, like a woman would. Men are designed to protect themselves from predators. Men are designed to provide their nurturers. Werbeanzeigen

  • TGI Fry Day : Zucchini fritters w/ Tzatziki and Olive Bread

    18. Oktober 2019 by

    It’s Fry Day today and I made my all time favourite Greek Mezedes : Zucchini Fritters with Tzatziki and Olive Bread – everything made from scratch, of course ! Heute ist wieder Fry Day und diesmal gibt es eine meiner griechischen Lieblingsvorspeisen : Zucchinipuffer mit Tzatziki und Olivenbrot – natürlich alles selbst gemacht ! Είναι… Weiterlesen

  • Zero Waste : Lemon Coasters

    16. Oktober 2019 by

    The good housewife not only cooks as much as possible herself, she generally tries to make as much as possible herself. Especially in this day and age where „zero waste“ and „sustainability“ are on everyone’s lips. I tried on coasters. Since my living room is painted green, I found crocheted lime, lemon and orange slices… Weiterlesen

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