A 'little' prick for me, a big sacrifice for the Greeks !

During a preventive check-up, my family doctor advised me to be vaccinated against hepatitis A, if I want to go to Greece for a longer period of time, in case I should want to eat seafood.So I was pricked. After all, I plan to eat octopus from morning to night. All the things you do„A 'little' prick for me, a big sacrifice for the Greeks !“ weiterlesen

Verena and … Hagios Dimitrios

  I also had to visit the church of Saint Dimitrios, the patron saint of Thessaloniki. The church also houses the tomb of the saint, and there was a line of people all the time who wanted to honor him. So no one should be fooled in my pictures, all churches that I visited were full„Verena and … Hagios Dimitrios“ weiterlesen

My Skin Care Morning Routine

I’ve already told you that my skin care is almost exclusively ‚green‘. My skin care is no exception. When I was 24 I started using anti-aging products. I wanted to look as good as possible for as long as possible. I am currently using a series from the bodyshop. And it is, in the truest„My Skin Care Morning Routine“ weiterlesen

Clean Mama Clutter Challenge Day 1

Today is the day for checking the cleaning and washing supplies. Everything I normally use is there. I could do with some more stain removers and bathroom detergent, though. At Clean-Mama one can also find ways to make detergents as well. Perhaps I’m trying this too. Heute werden die Putz- und Waschutensilien überprüft. Alles, was„Clean Mama Clutter Challenge Day 1“ weiterlesen

In the eye of the beholder : Behold Georgios Petretzikis !

This post was published for the first time at the 11th of May, 2017. IMAGES : © Georgios Petretzikis Sometimes browsing random facebook pages  reveal hidden gems you’d never expected at first hand. Well, at least I didn’t expect that the chef one of my former colleagues (Hi, Despina!) has liked turns out to be„In the eye of the beholder : Behold Georgios Petretzikis !“ weiterlesen

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