5 supercaliFRUGAListicexpialidocious tips

I’ve never had a lot of money. Despite studying, I haven’t found a well-paid job. And now that I’m doing this training, I have even less. So I’ve always had to watch out for my money, but even more now. Life is very expensive, especially when you are alone like me. So dealing wisely with„5 supercaliFRUGAListicexpialidocious tips“ weiterlesen

The Beast of Loch Phoenix unleashed !

And again a week has come to an end in which I was not unexpectedly carried off by a Greek (half) god to an island. What a shame, a shame. But since I don’t want to be alone in my apartment all the time, I went to the lake again this weekend to crochet. Beach„The Beast of Loch Phoenix unleashed !“ weiterlesen

A new hope (chest item) : My very first crocheted table runner

As I said, I’ll fill my trousseau chest. And since this weekend was supposed to be the last nice summer one, I decided to turn it into a crochet weekend at the lake. So I finished a new beach bag, started a Jawa and just crocheted my first table runner. So far I am very„A new hope (chest item) : My very first crocheted table runner“ weiterlesen

It is not good that the (wo)man should be alone

Yes, it says so in the Bible. It is not good for you to be alone. Life is easier and more beautiful for two. And so I’m still waiting to find someone to take care of and who will take care of me. That’s basically what every relationship is about. But so far I haven’t„It is not good that the (wo)man should be alone“ weiterlesen

Hope (chest) dies last !?

When I moved here 4 years ago, I bought 2 chests that are still in my kitchen today and where I still don’t know what to put in there. But I think they fit so nicely into my white-blue (Greece-inspired kitchen). Now I have found some old chests on the Internet, so-called trousseau chests, in„Hope (chest) dies last !?“ weiterlesen

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