My Skin Care Morning Routine

I’ve already told you that my skin care is almost exclusively ‚green‘. My skin care is no exception. When I was 24 I started using anti-aging products. I wanted to look as good as possible for as long as possible. I am currently using a series from the bodyshop. And it is, in the truest„My Skin Care Morning Routine“ weiterlesen

Clean Mama Clutter Challenge Day 1

Today is the day for checking the cleaning and washing supplies. Everything I normally use is there. I could do with some more stain removers and bathroom detergent, though. At Clean-Mama one can also find ways to make detergents as well. Perhaps I’m trying this too. Heute werden die Putz- und Waschutensilien überprüft. Alles, was„Clean Mama Clutter Challenge Day 1“ weiterlesen

I'm in …

I have been participating in this ‚Challenge‘ for three days. However, I have added two more points:4) Use hand cream daily.5) Drink at least 2.5 liters of water Seit drei Tagen mache ich bei dieser ‚Challenge‘ mit. Allerdings habe ich sie noch um 2 Punkte erweitert :4) Benutze täglich Handcreme5) Trinke mindestens 2,5 l Wasser„I'm in …“ weiterlesen

My Cinderella Moment after 15 years

Almost 15 years ago, Buffalo launched my absolute dream shoes. But almost 15 years ago, I also had a serious accident, which meant that I could not buy the shoes in question because I simply could not get in – at least not with my right foot. It was a coincidence that Deichmann had an„My Cinderella Moment after 15 years“ weiterlesen

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