Zero waste : Grocery bag

Plastic bags are pretty much the epitome of wasting resources. You use them once, mostly on the way from shopping to home and then throw them away. The few come up with the idea of taking a bag with them from the beginning. I mean, how often do you go shopping „by accident“? I usually„Zero waste : Grocery bag“ weiterlesen

Zero waste : Make-up pads and storage jar

I crocheted my make-up pads over the holidays AHAND made my own jar with a closet knob to store them. That’s zero waste 2.0. I think I’m going to crochet a few more in various shades of pink. Ich habe über die Feiertage meine eigenen Abschminkpads gehäkelt uhund sogar mein eigenes Aufbewahrungsglas mit einem Möbelknopf„Zero waste : Make-up pads and storage jar“ weiterlesen

Sidious knitting : Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda My take on The Rise Of Skywalker while I’m crocheting Baby Yoda ?There are only 3 Star Wars movies (IV-VI). The rest is – mostly bad (except for Darth Maul and Queen Amidala’s dresses) – fan fiction. Thank you so much for your attention. Meine Meinung zum Aufstieg Skywalkers während ich hier Baby„Sidious knitting : Baby Yoda“ weiterlesen

Sidious crafting today : The Greek Christmas Boat and Agios Basilis

A week ago, I stumbled across a Greek Christmas Decoration Custom, that hasn’t caught my eye till then : The Greek Christmas Boat. Yes, that’s right. Greek use to decorate boats. A land of sea and sun, Greece was always linked to shipping. So, before the first Christmas tree was decorated in our country (in„Sidious crafting today : The Greek Christmas Boat and Agios Basilis“ weiterlesen

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