TGI Fry Day : Tomato Quiche w/Herbs

Today there is another TGIF post. A quiche always works, is made relatively quickly and you can prepare it with just about anything. Heute gibt es mal wieder einen TGIF Post. Eine Quiche geht immer, ist relativ schnell gemacht und man kann sie mit so ziemlich allem zubereiten. Σήμερα υπάρχει μια άλλη ανάρτηση TGIF. Ένα„TGI Fry Day : Tomato Quiche w/Herbs“ weiterlesen

Memories to touch

I’ve been in boring Dortmund for a week now. The time in Athens, despite the lockdown, was just too nice. Especially the morning cooking ritual with Akis. It’s amazing how you can miss someone you haven’t met in person. His quarantine cooking, however, was, I think, a milestone in the history of Greek cooking. You„Memories to touch“ weiterlesen

Lighthouses are not only stone, brick, metal, and glass : Kick it like Akis menoume spiti style

IMAGES AND RECIPES ©AKIS PETRETZIKIS Spaghetti Carbonara for One ¼ pack Spaghetti 4 chopped Mushrooms (for Akis) 3 chopped slices Bacon Cream 1 Garlic clove Parmesan Oil, Salt, Pepper, Parsley Boil the pasta shortly before al dente Fry the bacon Add the mushrooms Add the cream, stir Peel and add the garlic clove Remove the„Lighthouses are not only stone, brick, metal, and glass : Kick it like Akis menoume spiti style“ weiterlesen

TGI Fry Day : Santorinian tomato fritters à la Akis

I still remember my visit to Santorini in 2014. I ALWAYS wanted to go to Oia. It was so nice. And I wanted to see it with my own eyes.On Santorini I tried some Greek specialties for the first time. For example lobster spaghetti or tomato fritters. Now guess what I don’t want to miss„TGI Fry Day : Santorinian tomato fritters à la Akis“ weiterlesen

Life is a cake of chocolate by Akis

Today is the chocolate cake day. I have never made a chocolate cream cake, but in Piece of Cake there was a recipe that looked so great, I wanted to try it. So here is my first time: Akis Petretzikis‘ chocolate cake with apple. Heute ist der Schokoladenkuchen Tag. Ich habe noch nie eine Schokolade„Life is a cake of chocolate by Akis“ weiterlesen

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